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In many developing countries, children who are from low-income households are unable to graduate high school due to lack of school fees or tuition. Our organization identifies some of those students especially in the Taita Taveta county of Kenya and we sponsor part of their tuition.  One of our students is now studying to be a cosmetologist.



We partner with many local and international charitable organizations and schools. One of our main partners is Upendo Educational & Rehabilitation Center. This  is a community school located in the slums of Huruma East of Nairobi city in Kenya. This is an elementary middle school. Over the years they have endured a lot  of challenges. Many of the children depend on the school lunches as their only meal of the day, many lack school fees, basic necessities and some come from single-family households suffering from abuse and health challenges.  We support the center by funding some of their project  i.e school lunches, stipend for teachers and payment of their rental space.  Despite their dire circumstances the school has been able to produce excellent students who are accepted to  reputable high schools in the country.



SICEP (Swahili Immersion and Cultural Education Program) Is one of our cultural awareness program that tries to bridge the gap of our two different continents Africa & America, through learning the Swahili language, games, food, music & art.  Our effort is to empower the young to know that diversity is strength and that the world has now become a village of relationships, economics and cultural dynamics. We want all children to soar. We provide this program to after-school programs, in 2018 we had the opportunity to partner with Carpe Diem Arts and In 2019 we started our first Swahili summer camp. Our aim is to broaden our program's reach and offer scholarships for children who came from low income  families. We know that  this program is one of the gateway to  knowing our roots and standing in our truth.




Many homesteads are without electricity and solar light will be an effective and efficient way of providing reading light to the students. We also encourage donations of books, old laptops/computers, shoes, pens, desks and sanitary towels to support the educational needs of some of our less fortunate students. No donation is small whatever we receive usually goes a long way in supporting and assisting someone else.  




Youth empowerment: Youth unemployment rates are high in many developing countries. Yet our youth have so much potential as they possess an abundance of creativity with ingenuity. Our foundation is hoping to embark on a journey of helping our youth become entrepreneurs by tapping into their talents, skills and technology while providing seed scholarships for their start-ups. This minimal amount can go a long way in securing a future for a young and ambitious mind, let us invest in our youth because they are the present. 




We know that to educate a woman is to educate the whole nation. It is important to educate our rural women in matters of social-economic development. We are committed to reaching out to the mothers and ladies of our village to conduct seminars and workshops starting with Taita-Taveta county in order to understand the needs of the women and  how can be able to assist them.